Aadhav Prabu

Hi, I’m Aadhav Prabu

An Engineering Enthusiast With A Passion To Innovate New Solutions

About Me



My Skills


Experienced in CAD software such as Fusion 360, Maya, SketchUp, etc.

3D Printing

9 years experience in 3D Printing (aka Additive Manufacturing) with over 300 projects built


Passionate about Mechanical Engineering (especially focused on CAD and AM)


Founded a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit to spread STEAM education


Leading a team of 125+ student volunteers from across the USA


Experienced in programming with HTML, Java, and Python

Current Term GPA
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3DP Projects Built
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Students Taught
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Dollars Raised

Recent Experience

Check out a few of my recent work experiences!

Jan 2021 – Present

  • Founded an international 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Foundation dedicated to spreading Steam Education through virtual Steam Camps and in-person School Chapters
  • Currently leading a team of 125+ student volunteers to facilitate 100+ virtual STEAM education camps and 30+ community outreach for 4000+ students globally, including international chapters in Vietnam, Nicaragua, and South Africa.
  • Raised $20,000+ in crowdfunding and corporate sponsorships from companies such as MakerBot Industries and Crimson Education

Mar 2022 – Present

  • Working under Professor Hayden Taylor in his Design for Nanoscale Manufacturing Lab at UC Berkeley
  • Researching the modularity of Computed Axial Lithography (CAL), a cutting-edge additive manufacturing technology
  • Applying computational mechanics to improve its versatility by enhancing its mechanisms in a new method called RotationCAL.

Oct 2022 – Feb 2023


  • Under Professor Dan Congreve in the Congreve Lab at Stanford University
  • Shadowing PhD students conducting experiments researching VAM using uptake and controlled focussing-depth
  • Learning about how optics can be changed to control laser focussing to produce VAM parts

Jun – Aug 2022

  • Collected data for and developed an Additive Manufacturing Materials Database, growing it 4x the initial size
  • Developed an application for web-based 3D CAD visualization using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and PHP
  • Conducted market research in the domains of Additive Manufacturing and CAD


Check out a few recommendations from a few people I’ve worked with!

“I have known Aadhav for six years and personally supervised him as he established, developed, and refined an amazing curriculum for a 3D printing club for middle schoolers, and continued to build on this concept, founding a nonprofit, The Steam Foundation. Aadhav’s drive and motivation for his goal and prior success in doing so was the reason I came on board with his organization. In recent months I have observed Aadhav as he worked tirelessly to form a team and launch The Steam Foundation. He was able to identify all of the requirements to launch a nonprofit and complete them independently and successfully. As a board member, he has done a great job in keeping me updated and collecting my input when necessary. Overall, I believe that he would make an excellent candidate for any endeavor, and I am proud to recommend him.”

Terrylynne Turner, MLIS

Board Member, The Steam Foundation

“I am the parent of Arjun Ganesh, who attended the 3D printing workshop series by Aadhav Prabu. Arjun attended the 3D printing workshop series, which was held in an online format. He really enjoyed this workshop and the workshop was very professionally done, more so considering the difficult transition in providing educational material via the online format. One great thing about this course was the professionalism and excellent communication provided by Aadhav. The parents received immediate feedback after the class about the course material covered, the homework and the deadline for submission at the end of each class. After the course, I set up a meeting with Aadhav for feedback about Arjun for his own development. Aadhav’s feedback about him was very useful to me. It demonstrated his maturity and a depth of understanding beyond his age. It is obvious he is passionate about this cause of providing STEM education and he has the knowledge to provide an excellent education. I am convinced that if given a chance he would make a success out of any enterprise he is entrusted with, I fully support his endeavors.”


Sangeetha Prabhakaran, MD FACS

Parent, Fall 2020 3D Printing Workshop Series

Founder and Director, New Learning Grove Academy

Program Director of Python Programming, The Steam Foundation

Aadhav Prabu